How to Prepare for your Event or Wedding During COVID-19

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Preparing for your Event or Wedding During COVID-19

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to provided you with some of the relevant information about COVID-19 and how to prepare for your day. As guidelines, restrictions and rules are subject to change over time we have provided a general description of each topic and a link to access the specific details. This page is for anyone who finds it and the vendors we work with at events. Each couple, company or group will receive this same info via an email directly to ensure they have access to it as their event date approaches.

Because the information is subject to change we recommend that you review each topic in detail several times leading up to your event date.


Preparation for your event

City of Calgary COVID-19 Home Page

This is a great page that gives an overview of all things the City of Calgary is doing in response to COVID-19


How to Help Prevent the Spread:

These are the steps everyone at your event can take to ensure your safety as well as the others attending. Sections to pay particular attention to would be “PRACTICE PHYSICAL DISTANCING”, “STEPS YOU CAN TAKE” “NON-MEDICAL MASKS” and “ENFORCEMENT”


Restrictions on Gatherings:

This section should be reviewed by all vendors and the couple just prior to your event day so everyone can make sure we are fully compliant with the requirements and guidelines. If there are any changes that impact your wedding, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.


Isolation Requirements:

If you have any guests that are traveling into Alberta for your wedding I would highly recommend you review the following page as it will allow to provide them with the correct information so they can adjust their travel schedule if needed


Mask Wearing at your Event

Below you will find specific details regarding mask wearing for your event however here is a summary of our understanding of this right now. This only applies to indoor and enclosed outdoor spaces. For most events this will likely only impact your ceremony (if indoors) or your reception.

At your Ceremony if indoors, we are not entirely sure what the requirements will be at this time (Aug 1st). What I mean by this is your guests will be required to wear masks that much is clear but I’m not sure if the couple and officiant will be required to do so too. We will update this once we know more.

For your reception/dinner, when you or your guests are seated at their table they are able to take off their masks, but if you get up to walk to another table or go to the bathroom you will need to put your mask back on. This particular restriction will be more strict at established venues, then say at a community hall or family property.


City of Calgary Bylaw:

The following is a link to a detailed description of this bylaw for the City of Calgary.


Where in Alberta:

The following is a CBC news article from July 30th, 2020, that details where you have to wear a mask in Alberta. This is a developing set of conditions that varies across Alberta so as things change we will do our best to keep this updated.


Social Distancing at Your Event

When it comes to our team it’s pretty easy for us to keep our distance so we will direct and lead any sessions for the required 6.5ft (2m) distance. With regards to seating at the event, enough chairs will be sanitized and put out for your wedding. Each family group will be positioned around the couple, with the correct amount of social distance between them.


Self Check Before Attending an Event

Our team will be performing a self assessment the morning of, prior to attending and we would recommend you and all your guests do the same. It’s pretty easy to do and these are the steps we will be following.

1. Check your temperature and make sure you don’t have one over 38°C
(Normal: 36.5–37.5 °C (97.7–99.5 °F))
2. Make sure you don’t have any symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat).


We hope everyone is safe, healthy and able to maintain a positive outlook during such a difficult time. If there is anything we can do to help you out (even if it’s not photography related) please let us know, as we would be happy to help in any way we can.

Wishing everyone well,
Jeremy and the JM Studios Team 🙂

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Streamed Events

Here is an example video of one of our recently streamed events.

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