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Closing Date: Ongoing

Posting by Jeremy Martel – Owner


Our studio is looking for an individual that can thrive in a paced environment as the photography business can fluctuate and change rapidly. Our editors will handle a wide range of styles as each of our client’s work is unique. Strong computer skills and the ability to handle details with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency are required.


The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate their editing expertise, has a keen eye for details, loves providing great customer service, can anticipate client needs, can work in a collaborative environment with both our team and our clients, enjoys a challenge, and is willing to learn/create new processes and techniques.

The ideal candidate is/has:

  • Currently pursuing a career as a professional retouch artist.
  • Past customer service and/or technical support experience.
  • Formal classes, training and experience in retouching using Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Ability to demonstrate creativity in modern photography retouching and in preset creation.

The learning curve for this position is 1 to 3 months as this position requires a solid understanding of photo file management, file transfer applications/methods, Lightroom and Photoshop. The ability to take and action, constructive criticism is a must in order to meld our business processes with each studios/clients unique style and needs. We have carefully created instructional videos for all studio processes, once comfortable with accessing and utilizing these videos it is important to use them to help you work independently.


These responsibilities will be completed using our current platform and knowledge along with your creative new ideas. As well as your skills from past work/personal experience and formal training.

Will include (but is not limited to):

  • Be able to turn around any shoot quickly (within 24hrs, 1-2 days, 5-10 days time periods).
  • Time and efficiency tracking for process optimization.
  • Support and/or sales calls with prospective clients.
  • Other duties may be required.


The following is a list of the skills we would like you to be able to demonstrate.

Behavioural Skills

  • Punctual.
  • Collaborative.
  • Communicative.
  • High attention to detail.
  • Ability to re-produce consistent results.

Image Culling

  • Efficiently cull a shoot down into a given range of photos, consisting of the best images from a shoot while still telling the story of the session or wedding.

Basic Lightroom Edits

  • Application/creation of a single preset for the entire library or shoot segment.
  • Basic panel tweaking for the following adjustments, exposure, colour temperature and tint, highlight and shadow compensation, contrast, saturation, vibrancy, and clarity.
  • Occasionally curves, HSL and colour grading.

Premium Photoshop Edits

  • Starts with a basic edit and/or the addition of a preset (or a custom preset).
  • Stylist, colour grade and/or set mood and tone using Lightroom.
  • Once the Lightroom stylization is complete when needed images are opened in Photoshop.
  • These edits include skin softening and contouring, adding texture overlays, dodge and burn techniques, vignetting, HDR applications, and very basic slimming and minor element retouching.

Our Platinum and Signature Edits are handled by our Senior Editors


Candidates must have their own computer and a fast reliable internet connection to work remotely. It is also highly recommended that you have a colour balanced monitor to work on. At the studio we edit and review all our photos on 100% RGB monitors and this will aid in maintaining colour accuracy among all our team members. The software and technical requirements are split into two lists below. The first list titled “Must Know” is exactly that. The second list called “Nice to Know” is only a bonus as we would be happy to be flexible regarding these requirements.

Must Know:

  • Be proficient in Photoshop and in composite work.
  • Be proficient in Lightroom and in the use of presets.
  • Have a working knowledge of popular presets and editing trends.
  • Have your own computer equipment (MacBook Pro, iMac, or PC workstation).

Nice to Know:

  • Have your own plugins and actions for Photoshop (this is a nice to have).
  • Have your presets for Lightroom (this is a nice to have).


While I strongly believe that the right attitude and mindset is the most important part of being successful in this position having the listed experience below is an asset.

  • 1-3 Years experience in editing for clients.


Work Hours:
On a contractual basis, you set your own hours

Type: Contract work
Compensation: Hourly (paid bi-weekly)
Number of hours per week: Will vary based on studio and client workloads


The hiring process will be conducted in three rounds.

Round 1: Application

  • You are required to submit a cover letter and resume.
  • In your cover letter – if you can please tell me a little bit about your process, and any presets, actions, and filters you use or are familiar with, that would be great.
  • In your cover letter – if you can please tell me a little bit about yourself and why you are unique. Please also use the words ATTENTION to DETAIL as I have written it.
  • You will be required to submit a professional portfolio of your work.
  • In your portfolio – I would like to see 3 Lightroom presets of your own creation. Please provide examples of your presets by showing a before and after gallery. It is important that the presets can work on multiple images, please show your preset’s capabilities of this, in your before and after gallery.
  • In your portfolio – I would like to see 2 to 5 examples of your most creative edits you have done such as (composites, HDRs, Advanced Retouching, or anything else you think is super cool).
  • Each application will be reviewed by the JM Photography team and a selection of the applicants will be chosen to move on to the next round.

Round 2: Phone Interview

  • This round will consist of two parts and will be with the studio owner Jeremy Martel and potentially another one of our team members.
  • The first part will be a face to face interview either in person at our studio or virtually over a Google Meet video call. This part of the interview will be largely character and personality based where we will learn more about you, your goals and the unique skills you bring to our studio.
  • The second part will be an art test where you will be asked to perform various edits on a selection of image files provided for you. This can either be done on your own equipment or on our studio’s digital workstation.
  • Everyone’s results will be reviewed and then a select few will be asked to move on to the next round.

Round 3: Art Test

  • This final round will be an art test where you will be asked to perform basic edits on a selection of shoots or on a real wedding that has been already completed by our studio.
  • The focus of this round will be to see how efficient you are at completing the edits as well as how closely you can match your work to the edits made by our studio.
  • This round will conclude with a full review of your work with our owner and once all remaining candidates have completed this round a final selection will be made.


For this position, we are looking for a minimum 2 years commitment to our studio. We are looking for this as there will be a significant investment made by our team in training you in our editing style and workflows.


  • Images and/or a Lightroom gallery to work on during the interview process.
  • Google Meet video conference call link.


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