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Is your photography studio growing and you are ready to take the next step? Maybe you are looking to free up more of your own time, to spend more time with your family and less in front of the computer editing. Whatever the reason let our team of professional editors help you. Our systematic onboarding and review process will allow us to learn your studio and style, enabling us to turn out consistent results with minimal reviews to streamline completion.

Get the process started by contacting our Owner and award winning wedding photographer Jeremy Martel. We have also listed all our products and services are listed below for you to review.



  • Our studio’s editors will cull all the images down into a given range of photos, consisting of the best images from a shoot while still telling the story of the session or wedding.
  • You will need to provide us with a Lightroom library catalog with smart previews of all the images from a session. Don’t know how to do this not a problem we are happy to help teach you how to add this to your workflow. While Lightroom is our preference, if you don’t use Lightroom, no worries we can always just receive the RAW files and work with those.


  • Minimum submission for this option is 20 image files and will include…
  • Application of a single preset (This can be provided by you or we can select one from our library)
  • Then each image will be tweaked using the Basic Panel for the following adjustments, exposure, colour temperature and tint, highlight and shadow compensation, contrast, saturation, vibrancy, and clarity.
  • We will also straighten any images that look like they need it.

20 to 49 Images

$1.50 Per Image

50 to 299 Images

$0.80 Per Image

300 to 1,199 Images

$0.30 Per Image

+1,200 Images

$0.25 Per Image



  • These are the specific images from your sessions or weddings that you would like to have stand out.
  • They include the standard preset and adjustments provided in a Standard Lightroom Edit.
  • With the addition of tuning the image to a Black and White edit or adding some level of a tint, tone, filter or curves adjustment. These can be applied manually or via presets we have in our library.
  • Cropping and image straightening is also included with these edits.


  • Our Premium edits add that extra level of flair to our deluxe Lightroom edits.
  • Once we have completed the Lightroom stylization of the photo we will take the images into Photoshop.
  • These edits include skin softening and contouring, adding texture overlays, dodge and burn techniques, vignetting, HDR applications, and very basic slimming and minor element retouching.
  • These edits are perfect for Newborn session images, as well as any Portrait, Engagement or Wedding images that need a little extra work to make them standout.


  • Our Platinum edits are an advanced edit from a premium. What this means is it will be basically a Premium Edit that requires a moderate level of element retouching, or a more advanced level of stylization.
  • These edits are also perfect for your signature images that are repeated in your studio. These types of images might be a signature edit the first time we learn the edit but then only take a reduced amount of time to create after the initial learning process.


  • Today, everyone is a photographer and it takes more than just a snapshot to impress our client’s. These are the images that will set apart your studio from the others in your local market.
  • These images should be your very best from a shoot with the intention of being artwork that is printed large format and hung in your client’s homes.
  • Each signature image will be reviewed and planned out with you and your editor. This will ensure that your final vision is relayed into the finished edit.
  • What we are looking for in these images and in the final edit is mood, impact, connection, and a story.
  • Once the final image is completed before we submit it to you. There will be a final review between the editor and our owner Jeremy Martel to ensure the final result is spectacular.


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In the meantime, we invite you to visit our wedding and portrait websites to check out the imagery we create as all the images on these sites are edited by our editing team at JM Editing Studio.

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