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Jeremy Martel

Owner and Founder

Hi! My name is Jeremy and I’m the founder, and head wedding photographer of JM Photography. This is a company that I have built with my wife and we now have a talented team that works with us everyday to tell your unique story. I specialize in recording connections through my lens, capturing moments that touch the people connected to them. Approaching each wedding with the positive energy and passion I naturally have, using that to record and share your special moment in time with generations to come.

Want to know a little more?

  • I love to smile, I do it all the time even with emoticons 🙂 Maybe that’s why I love photography.
  • Martial Arts was the first passion I discovered in my life. I started training at the age of 14 and trained into my mid-twenties.
  • This lead me to discover teaching, something that holds deep purpose and meaning in my life, I have taught martial arts, snowboarding, software and sales to corporations all across the country. Leading me to build course material I currently use to mentor other photographers and wedding professionals in an effort to help them run better businesses.

Continued 🙂

  • I also love Star Wars, Roller-blading and Soccer.
  • With all of that I would have to say my greatest adventure in my life has been becoming a husband and a father. I am truly grateful for the beautiful family I have been blessed with.

Meet the JM Team

Ryan Armstrong


Ryan is our studios lead videographer. Together we work to capture and create cinematic videos. He has a real passion for storytelling through video. When not filming, Ryan loves to get out and explore the world – 35 countries and counting. Have a look at his portfolio to view some of his past work!


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Sharyar Memon

Event and Wedding Photographer

Sharyar is an award winning Wedding Photographer, Family and Event Photographer as well as a Second Photographer when we need him. Check out his profile below and learn about his love for photography, Harry Potter and a good cup of coffee.


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Cally Arsenault

Senior Editor and Photographer

Coming Soon


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Kathy Currie

Booth Attendant

Coming Soon


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Calgary, Alberta

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