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Jeremy Martel

Owner and Founder

Hi! My name is Jeremy and I’m the founder, and head wedding photographer of JM Photography. This is a company that I have built with my wife and we now have a talented team that works with us everyday to tell your unique story. I specialize in recording connections through my lens, capturing moments that touch the people connected to them. Approaching each wedding with the positive energy and passion I naturally have, using that to record and share your special moment in time with generations to come.

Want to know a little more?

  • I love to smile, I do it all the time even with emoticons ūüôā Maybe that‚Äôs why I love photography.
  • Martial Arts was the first passion I discovered in my life. I started training at the age of 14 and trained into my mid-twenties.
  • This lead me to discover teaching, something that holds deep purpose and meaning in my life, I have taught martial arts, snowboarding, software and sales to corporations all across the country. Leading me to build course material I currently use to mentor other photographers and wedding professionals in an¬†effort to help them run better businesses.

Continued ūüôā

  • I also love Star Wars, Roller-blading and Soccer.
  • With all of that I would have to say my greatest adventure in my life has been becoming a husband and a father. I am truly grateful for the beautiful family I have been blessed with.

Meet the JM Team

Ryan Armstrong

Lead Videographer

Ryan is our studios lead videographer. Together we work to capture and create cinematic videos. He has a real passion for storytelling through video. When not filming, Ryan loves to get out and explore the world – 35 countries and counting. Have a look at his portfolio to view some of his past work!



Sharyar Memon

Business Partner

Sharyar is my business partner, coach and mentor. Together we work to design the best photographic experience possible for our couples, families and the companies we photograph. For our studio Sharyar is an award winning Wedding Photographer, Family and Event Photographer as well as a Second Photographer when we need him. Check out his profile below and learn about his love for photography, Harry Potter and a good cup of coffee.



Cally Arsenault

Studio Manager, Photographer & Editor

Cally is my right hand girl and the person that works with me every day to¬†keep¬†JM Studios running. She is not only our studio manager, but also one of our studio’s portrait photographers. In her photography she mostly focus’s on photographing women, but also does Event Photography and some of our editing to. She is also the master mind behind the design of our beautiful handmade wedding albums, as well as some of our social media strategy. Check out her full bio and learn a little more about why everyone loves Cally.



Kathy Currie

Studio Admin & Booth Attendant

Coming Soon



Julianna Sept

Image Editor, Family & Event Photographer, 2nd Shooter

Julianna is one of our studios image editors, family and event photographer. She second shoots weddings with Jeremy and our other primary wedding photographers and enjoys collaborating with Jeremy on Signature Edits. She loves to create beautiful imagery, meet new people and travel to new places. In her spare time she loves to spend quality time with her family and friends.



Dan MacDonald

Family & Event Photographer, 2nd Shooter

Dan is one of our studio’s Family and Event photographers, he also second shoots at weddings with Jeremy and our other Primary Wedding Photographers. He has been a¬†professional photographer since 2012 and is a dad to two young children. Dan has a gift for staying calm and collected no matter what may happen during an assignment. He consistently captures genuine expressions and truthful moments, while ensuring everyone‚Äôs having a good time. He is proud to be a part of the JM Photography team.



Jay R. McDonald

Wedding 2nd Shooter & Event Photographer

Jay is a Canadian Geographic published, Calgary Alberta based commercial photographer, blogger and one third of ROAM Creative. Passionate about meeting new people, seeing new things, and traveling the world in order to learn, experience and share the stories and traditions, new and old around him. Jay is excited to capture, create and communicate your moment, landscape or brand.



Muhammed Alsalim

Event Photographer & 2nd Shooter

Details coming soon.



Jenna Anderson

Blog Writer

Jenna is our studios writer and is responsible for the written accounts of all the beautiful weddings and engagements we do. She also helps out with some of the blog posts for our events and family sessions. We met Jenna at a wedding fair she was attending to gather ideas for her upcoming wedding, and after photographing her wedding, we discovered she had a love for writing and that’s where it all started. Writing has always been a passion of hers, and after moving to Vancouver Island from Edmonton, the creative spark reignited! A romantic at heart, and a lover of words, she enjoys hearing all of the beautiful love stories that come into her inbox, and feels privileged to have the opportunity to write for the couples we photograph. Today, Jenna is still hunkered down on the coast, with a wonderful husband and two sweet cats! She spends most (if not all) of her spare time reading, writing, and reading about writing. Life is quiet and good.



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Calgary, Alberta

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